20 years of delivering results

What we do

Supporting innovation for over 20 years.

Our team includes researchers, service designers, evaluation experts, analysts, clinicians, technology experts and specialist academics. Our offering covers the full spectrum of the policy-to-implementation cycle, from specific service-level evaluation and design projects, to state and national strategies.

Our diverse backgrounds span population, primary and secondary health, social services, mental health and disabilities. We balance this content knowledge with our data skills and co-design processes to deliver sustainable solutions that work for the complex real world.

With offices in Auckland, Wellington and Sydney, we have direct reach across much of Australasia within these sectors.

Our vision
Our vision

Our vision is to make an active and long-lasting contribution to building strong and healthy nations.

New Zealand and Australia are great countries with proud histories and exciting futures. We are lucky to experience some of the best qualities of life in the world, including excellent natural resources and vibrant and resilient populations. They are countries that we love to live in and be a part of. However, there are inequalities of outcome that are real and challenging.

In order for a country to realise its full potential, it requires a productive society, with people, systems and motivation to challenge inequality and improve outcomes.

At Synergia, we always act, listen and provide advice taking into account the wider context that make New Zealand and Australia such great places to live.

Synergia walked alongside and provided expert advice to support us in developing our service system, organisational infrastructure, contracting systems and data management. This has strongly contributed to Te Arawa Whānau Ora becoming a leading and highly successful Whānau Ora provider.
Our History
Our History

Synergia — The creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

Synergia was formed in 1999 combining three businesses with a common focus on systems sciences applied to complex issues in the health and social sectors.

Working across both sides of the Tasman, Synergia predominantly focuses on the health and social care sector. However, our breadth of expertise also spans disability services, local government and the energy sector.

Our logo is based on the Nautilus shell and plays an important role in our business. In order to begin a new stage in our growth, we have to think “outside the box” - every time we seek a new and wider vision we find ourselves in a larger box, while each box serves its particular function for a time, we need to be mindful that this is not always the ultimate one.

The continuous curves of the spirals in the Nautilus shell suggests it can keep growing forever. New chambers must be built to live and grow – it cannot stay in its present state as it will die – there is no choice but to continually move and grow as there is no limit to the size of chamber. The ratios between each of the chambers is a reflection of the dynamic relationship of our selves to nature - in other words, the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole, therefore creating Synergia.

We are proud of our active research partnerships with the Universities of Sydney, NSW, Auckland, Otago, the Auckland University of Technology and John Hopkins University in the US. We have two external board advisors and four company directors on our Governance Board.