Establishing an Office for Mental Health for Australia Capital Territory.

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Australia Capital Territory Government
Co-design, mental health, addiction, engagement, strategy

In 2017 the ACT government, made an election pledge to establish an Office for Mental Health.  By late 2017 the office was not established and pressure was being placed in the ACT government to make progress.  

Office for MH Framework
Office for MH Framework
Mental Health is complex. We needed to engage a wide range of stakeholders and manage different expectations to come to sensible middle ground for everyone.

Synergia was commissioned to work with stakeholders to design an Office for Mental Health for ACT.

Over the period of four months Synergia worked closely with stakeholders across the ACT to understand the issues being faced by funders, providers, consumers and families.  The involved facilitating a series of workshops to hear the issues and also design an office that could offer the best chance of being successful.

Synergia utilised a co-design process to support the work.  Working alongside all stakeholders to design solutions.


Read the announcement of the Office for Mental Health:

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