Centre for System Design
Te Whaitua Whakāhua Pūnaha

Group Model Building

Group Model Building (GMB) is a collaborative process of building qualitative system maps and is a powerful and engaging process for bringing people together to explore ideas and issues of concern to them. It enables people to see the ’big picture’, how the things they are interested in are connected to things others are interested in. It helps people see system structure and highlights potential areas for intervention.

Synergia has used this process in a number of settings. In one case, as part of a research project with the School of Population Health at the University of Auckland, we worked with community leaders in West Auckland to explore ideas for tackling health and obesity in their community. In another case we helped a group of students and teachers develop their thinking about the wellbeing strategy for their school.

GMB focuses on involving people in the model building process, building the community understanding and support for the changes that are needed. Done well GMB is a powerful co-design process that leads to deep system insights and mobilises those involved to advocate for and implement the changes that are based on those insights.

For more about Group Model Building contact:
Dr David Rees (david.rees@synergia.co.nz)