Our proprietary tools that support the delivery of effective solutions.


Beyond brainstorming

Our online tool to support shared decision making that uses cluster-analysis and other statistical tools to move ideas to action.

Beyond brainstorming – Turning ideas into action

Brainstorming is a process used by many organisations to involve people in generating ideas, for specific issues, or the development of strategic and operational plans. It’s an effective and productive way of engaging people in thinking about future possibilities.

Our Beyond Brainstorming tool can be used in any combination of web and face-to-face interactions to develop creative ideas, these can be organised into themes, using any criteria that is important to the project.

The tool uses robust statistical techniques, such as cluster analysis and multi-dimensional scaling, to analyse the generated ideas and group them by critical factors such as importance and feasibility.


Our in-house developed survey and data collection system.

Informis – Connected research

Developed by Synergia, Informis is a secure online form builder and data management package that has been used to produce a number of web-based tools and solutions for our clients. It’s also been used to provide a range of simple and complex surveys, bespoke data management solutions and questionnaires.

The Informis platform is one of the mechanisms we use to engage with stakeholders to gather feedback and data from a range of sources in a highly efficient manner.


Our in-house data visualisation and continuous improvement platform.

Lumio – Turning data into information

Collective activity is the new frontier for health and social services. Organisations and professional groups have greater impact by working together in alliances and networks. But working together is complex – and most business tools only focus on the needs of a single organisation or profession.

Lumio is a structured information commons that helps multiple stakeholders work together. It’s a learning and performance system for networks, that features an attractive technology interface.

Based on the science of information design, Lumio aims to maximise the value chain of data – information – knowledge – action, by building aligned decisions and actions across multiple organisations and professions.

Synergia developed Lumio to support its clients to design and develop effective networks. Wherever possible a consumer-centric approach is taken. Synergia provides ongoing shaping and quality review of the information environment to ensure it is supporting effective relationships, learning and decision making across the network.


Our social network analysis and visualisation platform.

Synap – Showing connections and influence within networks.

Social connections and networks are critical for influencing opinions, attitudes, behaviour, and responses to change. Identifying and utilising the key structures within the networks acts as a catalyst for collaboration across sectors, professional groups and service levels.

Synap is our analytical tool that reveals the structure of connections and influence within stakeholder networks. However, these ‘’networks of influence’ are generally invisible, poorly understood and/or underutilised.

Based on a robust statistical methodology, Synap uses social network analysis to visualise, map and measure how people can connect and influence each other.

The Synap tool can be used to:

  • Identify pathways to increase integration and collaboration and support change and innovation
  • Identify leaders and champions with influence in the network
  • Develop strategies to foster innovation and knowledge transfer
  • To support the uptake of the initiatives and the development of local networks