Lumio – Turning data into information

Collective activity is the new frontier for health and social services. Organisations and professional groups have greater impact by working together in alliances and networks. But working together is complex – and most business tools only focus on the needs of a single organisation or profession.

Lumio is a structured information commons that helps multiple stakeholders work together. It’s a learning and performance system for networks, that features an attractive technology interface.

Based on the science of information design, Lumio aims to maximise the value chain of data – information – knowledge – action, by building aligned decisions and actions across multiple organisations and professions.

Synergia developed Lumio to support its clients to design and develop effective networks. Wherever possible a consumer-centric approach is taken. Synergia provides ongoing shaping and quality review of the information environment to ensure it is supporting effective relationships, learning and decision making across the network.