Linden Dale-Gandar.

BSc (Hons 1st class)

Linden is a Principal Consultant at Synergia with a particular interest in the intelligent use of data (both qualitative and quantitative), information and technology to inform and improve decision making. He is based in our Auckland office.

He has a strong skillset in robust quantitative and qualitative analysis, literature and information synthesis. He is also skilled in distilling and sharing complex findings in a manner that engages stakeholders in a conversation that is relevant to their needs.

Building on his extensive skills in data design, visualisation and presentation, Linden has lead the development of Synergia’s Analytics and Lumio platforms. Synergia uses these platforms to deliver interactive dashboards, collaborative Quality Improvement processes and analytics systems for clients who want to interact with large complex datasets and explore the meaning and patterns within their data.

Since joining Synergia he has both supported and led a range of projects, including research and evaluation projects, workforce reviews, social network analyses and development of prioritisation and resource allocation processes.

key projects include key skills include

Quantitative & qualitative analysis, literature & information synthesis, data design, engagement & facilitation