Sanjana Vyavaharkar.

Sanjana is a Consultant at Synergia. She is based in our Auckland Office

Sanjana is a Consultant at Synergia and is currently completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health at University of Auckland. She also has a Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Science – majoring in Public Health and Statistics. Prior to joining Synergia Sanjana worked for New Zealand Health Group as a Quality Coordinator that provided guidance to internal and external staff for quality assurance and quality improvement areas within the business.

She is interested in using data driven analytics within the health system to model health trends and helping to design and evaluate systems. She has strengths and experience in  stakeholder and community engagement, collecting and analysing qualitative data. At Synergia, Sanjana has brought these interests into her work through her involvement in a number of evaluations and research projects.