Eli Kliejunas.

Eli is a Consultant at Synergia. Eli is based in the Auckland office.

Eli’s background lies in the intersection between food systems, public health, and big data. Most recently, he earned his Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) degree with First Class Honours at the University of Auckland. For his dissertation, he analysed a dataset of nearly 2 million New Zealand household food purchases to assess possible associations between sociodemographic variables and households’ per capita dietary emissions (i.e., the emissions stemming from the production and distribution of each food purchased). He is currently drafting his research for publication and, in his free time, he works as a Teaching Assistant for the Statistics in Health Sciences postgraduate course at the University of Auckland.

A self-taught programmer, Eli is eager to continue honing his statistical analysis and modelling skills on rich datasets using R. More broadly, he is passionate about deriving and communicating insights from data, both quantitative and qualitative, that advance population-wide health and overall well-being.