Steven Turnbull.

Steven has a range of experience in transdisciplinary research, spanning research domains from network science, education, and public health. He is a strong advocate for both quantitative and qualitative research methods, and holds technical strengths in multiple programming languages (e.g. R, Python, SQL). Steven obtained a PhD in Education from the University of Auckland, where he also authored publications in leading international journals. Steven was a named recipient on the Prime Minister’s Science Prize in 2021 for his role as a team member developing mathematical models and analysing data to aid the governmental response to COVID-19. Within his role as a Research Fellow at the University of Auckland, Steven developed strong communication skills, including the ability to visualise complex data, and collaborate with community groups on the ground to develop practical analytical tools. 

Steven’s primary interests lay in developing tools to interrogate sources of big, complex, data. This has included a range of complex longitudinal survey data, as well as integrated administrative microdata. At the heart of his work is the goal of delivering outputs that can help ensure equitable outcomes for individuals, families and communities across society and meet responsibilities to the principles of Te Tiriti. This requires a critical lens to understand and identify limitations within data, and utilise the best tools available to deliver insights. 

In his spare time you will find Steven trying to keep fit at his local Parkrun, down the beach, or watching football.