Steven Turnbull (PhD).

BA (Hons), PhD

Steven is a Senior Data Analyst at Synergia. He is based in our Auckland office.

Steven is a senior data analyst and accomplished researcher in the field of Education, having obtained his PhD from the University of Auckland. With expertise in R, R Shiny, Python, and SQL, Steven is a skilled data scientist and programmer. He has a wealth of experience managing and analyzing large datasets across the entire research process, encompassing data collection, cleaning, analysis, and presentation. Passionate about data visualization, Steven has successfully developed web applications that effectively communicate insights derived from diverse data sources. His versatile skills have been applied to various projects spanning network science, education, and public health.

Previously, Steven served as a Research Fellow, where he developed network models to study COVID-19. Currently, at Synergia, he leverages systems thinking and process mining techniques to uncover trends within complex data.