Underpinning everything we do

Our values

Synergia lives by our values. They are part of our DNA and guide all our interactions. They ground us and are the foundation of our approaches and methodologies.  

Mātauranga - Strengthen collective understanding and awareness: See under the surface events
and patterns. Work with the deeper structures to build knowledge and wisdom for collective benefit.
Manaaki - Be of service: Seek the good of the whole, the wider purpose. Enhance the capacity of the
people we work with.
Mahi Tika - Attribute good intent: Start from a position of good intent in ourselves and others.
Together we contribute to the overarching vision.
Mahi Pono - Act with integrity: Be true and genuine. Move with collective impact and purpose in
Māhaki – Foster trust: Share our knowledge and experience with humility. Create strength with trusting relationships

Our values reflect who we are as people. As we have grown, they have evolved over time. They represent an enduring relevance to the business. We always put them at the centre of how we work.