AI Deep Dive Series.

Synergia’s AI Deep Dive Series

Building on our Synergia Learning Series event on generative AI, we are excited to announce the launch of a video series designed to demystify the world of generative AI tools like ChatGPT. Tailored for professionals in the health and social services sector, the series aims to make this cutting-edge technology approachable and practical for all, regardless of tech expertise. Join Eli Kliejunas, Senior Data Analyst at Synergia, on his video tutorial series, where he’ll share informative and actionable tips for utilising these powerful new tools safely.

Key points to keep in mind when watching this series:

This video series should not be considered exhaustive in its discussion of key issues surrounding the safe and ethical usage of generative AI. These technologies are evolving rapidly, and research on the societal implications of the widespread use of generative AI is ongoing. The topic is too complex and impactful to be fully conveyed in one video series. Instead, we hope you find this video series helpful as an accessible entry point into a much wider korero.

With regards to the ethical usage of AI, in the video below titled ‘Video 2: Safe and responsible usage of Large Language Models’, Eli has discussed many of the safety and data privacy considerations of generative AI usage in detail. As you will see in that video, Synergia’s precautionary approach to using generative AI tools is aligned with Te Whatu Ora’s guidance, as seen in the following passage from Te Whatu Ora’s “Advice on the use of Large Language Models and Generative AI in Healthcare”:

“Te Whatu Ora DOES NOT ENDORSE the use of LLMs or Generative AI tools where non-public information is used to train the model or used within the context of the model.”

As we discuss throughout the videos, there are many helpful ways in which health and social service providers can utilise generative AI tools while staying within safe boundaries outlined by Te Whatu Ora.

Finally, we encourage everyone to stay informed! We hope you find this video series beneficial as a starting point, and we also encourage you to seek out others’ perspectives on this important topic. Keep up with news on AI developments, check out academic journals focused on AI ethics such as AI and Ethics and AI and Society, and continue the korero online in forums like LinkedIn, where we will also be posting these videos. To maximise the benefits of these technologies while mitigating their significant risks, it’s important that we all build upon the collective korero together.

Video 8: Creating ‘Custom GPTs’

Discover the power of ‘Custom GPTs’ in the latest instalment of our AI Deep Dive series. This handy ChatGPT feature allows you to train the LLM to perform specialised functions based on your customised instructions and background data. Just like teaching a dog new tricks, you can transform a generic AI model into your own personal assistant tailored to your specific needs.

Check out the full video below – no treats required.

See the video here

A dog performing a very impressive trick while standing on a roller cart.

Video 7: Extracting information from Images

In the video linked below, Eli guides you through three practical examples of how to harness the power of Large Language Models for extracting and interpreting information from images. Along the way, you’ll encounter an amusing yet instructive example involving a goat, a bench, and a laundromat—a perfect illustration of how LLMs can identify and explain unusual elements within an image.

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Video 6: Searching for academic literature

Struggling to find research on a niche topic? We know the feeling. Watch the video linked below to discover how generative AI tools can transform your search for academic literature.

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Video 5: Searching the web

While Large Language Models are unreliable when it comes to citing facts, they can still streamline your search for high quality information. In this week’s video on generative AI tools, Eli demonstrates how to use LLMs to search the web and uncover reputable sources of information online. Next week’s video will expand upon this topic, highlighting tools that help you find relevant academic literature quickly with natural language rather than complex search terms.

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Video 4: Summarising and transforming text

In this week’s video on generative AI, Eli walks you through how to summarise and transform text effectively with ChatGPT using effective prompt engineering. With thoughtful and ethical usage, Large Language Models can do some amazing things, and some of their greatest skills lie in summarising and transforming text.

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Video 3: Generating text with Large Language Models, and an introduction to prompt engineering

In this week’s video on generative AI tools, Eli explains how Large Language Models (LLMs) can do many interesting and useful things when you know how to use them. Their ability to generate text from scratch can be helpful, informative, and even fun, but the quality of the outputs you receive from an LLM are largely dependent upon the quality of your ‘prompts’. Eli walks you through a relevant and instructive example of generating text with an effective prompt in this week’s video.

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Video 2: Safe and responsible use of Large Language Models

In this week’s video on generative AI tools, Eli reviews key principles underlying the safe and responsible utilisation of large language models (LLMs). This is an essential precursor before you dive into the fun ways in which ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, and other LLMs can help you spend less time on admin, and more time on rewarding mahi.

We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments. Data privacy and sovereignty in the context of AI is a highly complex and important topic, and the more perspectives we can gather the better! Let’s continue the korero.

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Video 1: Introduction to generative AI video series

In this video on generative AI tools, Eli introduces Synergia’s generative AI video series.

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