Synap – Showing connections and influence within networks.

Social connections and networks are critical for influencing opinions, attitudes, behaviour, and responses to change. Identifying and utilising the key structures within the networks acts as a catalyst for collaboration across sectors, professional groups and service levels.

Synap is our analytical tool that reveals the structure of connections and influence within stakeholder networks. However, these ‘’networks of influence’ are generally invisible, poorly understood and/or underutilised.

Based on a robust statistical methodology, Synap uses social network analysis to visualise, map and measure how people can connect and influence each other.

The Synap tool can be used to:

  • Identify pathways to increase integration and collaboration and support change and innovation
  • Identify leaders and champions with influence in the network
  • Develop strategies to foster innovation and knowledge transfer
  • To support the uptake of the initiatives and the development of local networks