Glenn Brown (PhD).


Glenn is a Principal Consultant at Synergia.

Glenn is an analytics and behaviour measurement specialist who holds a PhD in quantitative behavioural psychology and is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society.  For more than 15 years, Glenn has worked to understand behaviour through psychometrics, surveys, and the digital collection of behavioural data, distilling practical, meaningful insights from both behavioural and questionnaire-based data sets. He has authored or co-authored multiple commercial psychometric assessments used globally.

Glenn has a strong background in technology.  He founded and led an online psychometric assessment company that provides solutions to several high-profile government agencies and corporations, both within New Zealand and internationally.  Earlier, he worked with Microsoft in London for over five years evaluating machine learning outcomes in the context of online search (Bing), Outlook, and Skype. Technically, Glenn is experienced with very large datasets, and is comfortable using a range of analysis tools (including Power BI, R, Python, SAS, SPSS, and SQL) to deliver robust, meaningful insights and solutions.

In an academic context, Glenn has lectured in postgraduate-level research methods and statistics, e-business, and behavioural psychology.

Glenn’s work lies at the confluence of his interests in psychology, technology, and data science.