Sarah Appleton (PhD).

BSc (Hons), MA (Distinction), PhD

Sarah is Managing Partner at Synergia. Sarah is a highly collaborative leader who enjoys seeing the Synergia thrive and add value through our mahi. She is an evaluation specialist who is passionate about evaluations that recognise multiple world views while delivering robust and pragmatic findings.

Sarah is known for her expertise in mixed methods evaluations and values the opportunity to use mixed methods framework to bring together diverse worldviews. Sarah has successfully led numerous evaluation that span the health, social, education, and disability sectors. Her approach to evaluation is deeply rooted in the belief that combining quantitative and qualitative methodologies not only enriches the depth of understanding but also ensures inclusivity and respect for multiple perspectives in the evaluation process.

Sarah is committed to providing robust evaluations that deepen insight to support action and improvement. Her work focuses on translating evidence into practice through evaluation design, implementation, shared sense making and dissemination. Sarah also values the role that evaluation can play in building the evaluative capability of organisations to own and share their own value story.

Sarah’s evaluation work is supported by her previous experience as a Lecturer in evaluation at the University of Auckland and being a co-convenor of the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association Board. Sarah also provides regular peer review for academic journals and evaluation reports.

Sarah is currently delighted to be a volunteer for HELP Wellington, and currently sits on their Board as a Treasurer.

When not evaluating, Sarah loves walking with her dog and spending time with her family.

key projects include key skills include

Evaluation, engagement, partnering, understanding of cultural diversity, project management